How to Start a Cove Club

  1. Make a name for the club (this can also be decided when the group is established)

  1. Choose when your club will meet

  1. Ask people to join your club – it’s a good idea to have an adult in the club so they can be a mentor

  1. Have your first meeting and make sure everyone is happy with the meeting time

  1. At the first meeting, vote on responsibilities and jobs –                                 IMG_1546

  • Captain/President

  • Vice Captain/Deputy

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Task specific leaders e.g. fundraising leader

  1. Choose a club logo and moto

  1. Decide specific tasks or action that the groups would like to be involved in

  1. Work as a team, help each other and make sure everyone is involved

  1. Have fun!


Important things remember:

  • At each meeting you should have an agenda. This is a list of items that the group is going to discuss. Using an agenda helps the group to stay on task.                                                                IMG_1548

  • Organize what you would like your club to be involved in. These could   be writing letters to important people, fundraising or protests.

  • Use a calendar to plot important events or when things are due. The secretary can be responsible for this.

  • Social media is great to help you get your message out to the public.   Your Cove Club can start a blog!

  • It is important to keep learning – keep reading books and finding out information so you can learn as much as you can and education others.IMG_1551


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