A letter to The Today Show Australia

To the producers of The Today Show Australia,

I was upset and disappointed to hear that you are going to be filming at SeaWorld this week. By filming at Sea World you are encouraging people to go there and promoting an unnatural life in captivity for all the animals.

Are you aware that SeaWorld deprives their animals of food as a way of training them to do tricks? Did you know that dolphins in their natural habitat don’t jump through hoops, spin hoops or do other silly tricks?

Did you know that they are only given frozen fish? Dolphins don’t get the chance to eat fresh food. It’s been reported that drugs are put into the frozen fish to stop them getting sick. Dolphins get very sick living outside their natural habitat.

Did you know that the Dolphin Cove at SeaWorld is only 8 meters deep? In the wild dolphins are free to dive, play and hunt as deep as they want. The deepest dive recorded for a Bottlenose dolphin is 300 meters!

By promoting Sea World you are encouraging people to pay to visit dolphins in captivity. You are also encouraging the actions of the fishermen in Taiji Japan. At this time of year the fishermen of Taiji are driving dolphins into The Cove. Sea park trainers come to buy dolphins for up to $150,000. These dolphins are taken away from their families to spend the rest of their life in captivity. The dolphins not chosen are then slaughtered. Their meat is mislabeled as whale meat and it has high and dangerous levels of mercury.

Now, more people are aware of this situation and don’t agree with captivity. The real story is in the increase of this awareness. It is more important for people to be aware of the problems with captivity and the cruelty on the animals. This way we can stop the capture, buying, slaughter and imprisonment of these animals.

Dolphins have the right to be free. Humans have NO right to take away their freedom. Yes we all love dolphins. Sea World claims to love dolphins but the dolphins at Sea World are far from free and are not living like they do in the wild. We don’t need to see them in captivity to love them.

Please think about the dolphins and what is really happening.

And remember….




Harry Morgan (Since dolphins can’t talk)




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30 responses to “A letter to The Today Show Australia



  2. Stacey Gibbs

    That’s an amazing letter Harry. Thank you for writing & sharing it. Children are our future, and with kids like you out there, out future is looking pretty good!!


  3. Susan Hughes

    This is disgusting and heartbreaking. Another example of humans ruining the planet. I hope and pray everyday for a better world where animals have the right to be free and happy. X


  4. Lisa O Connor

    These dolphins do not belong in captivity sad and depressed ! They should be free..


  5. Cobie Dijkstra

    Thank you Harry for this brilliant letter! You’ve explained it all so incredibly well! You have my respect, I will never stop to support the fight against this cruel practice! And I do believe we can make a difference!


  6. Nicole Thibault

    Oh Dear Harry Morgan you are an absolutely awesome young man! Thank you for your wonderful letter and for being a voice for the Dolphins! Together you and All of us Dolphins defenders are making a difference and one day we will see the end of the captivity industry! Thank you Harry!


  7. Thank you for putting my exact thoughts into words as I would not be able to string them together so well, and so calmly point out the facts. Thank you.


  8. Stephanie Christman

    Fantastic letter Harry,thanks so much for being such a loud voice, for these incredibly smart beautiful Dolphins.


  9. Barb Bradish

    Please do not promote, support or visit Sea World. To do so promotes and supports animal cruelty.


  10. Diana Ramirez

    With all we know today about keeping cetaceans in captivity, promoting this inhuman act is taking a step backwards. We must evolve into a society where the use of animals for our amusement, especially those who are self-aware, is no longer tolerated. Please do not promote captivity.


  11. Marie perry

    Dolphins do not belong in captivity……seaworld sucks


  12. carly

    Thank you for speaking out on behalf of cetaceans in captivity. Those who support the exploitation of animals for profit, like SeaWorld, have no place here. Their time is up. This is an era of the heart.


  13. well done harry your a pretty switched on kid , we need more young people like you !!!!!


  14. Nadia Couzner

    Thankyou Harry xx


  15. christinebreen4@yahoo.com

    the letter is especially to stand up speak the truth of what is really going on and you people need to do your homework watch the cove which is a blood bath and watch blackfish so you like seeing the poor cetaceans be punished why because you like cruelty wow and one more thing go live in a outhouse and eat your food with urine water and your shit on the food sound good if so you are disgusting and this will be shown all over the world you are sick and inhumane shame on you and the shit they do their is sick so go ahead and we will make this known worldwide so you can be put down like you are doing to the cetaceans sicko


  16. Julie English

    Leave Feedback! The Team” at The Today Show – http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/today/team/


  17. They belong in the open ocean until they can be asked whether they want to be on display…


  18. MAke it a petition, it will matter more to the broadcasters. One letter is not going to do much, great as it is.


  19. James

    Orca’s are dolphins too.


  20. Aunty Marlene

    Its an amazing letter and you are an amazing boy. I will be protesting outside the Japanese Embassy in London on 7th November. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to support the dolphins.


  21. Sylvie Auger

    I agree with this letter. Thank you Harry !


  22. Tina Florell

    Well done Harry!


  23. Cherie Williams

    hi Harry
    Thank you for speaking up for our beautiful cetaceans. It is amazing to see so many youth sharing and caring. Keep up the good work anipal.

    I can’t find you on Twitter have you deleted your account. I hope not

    Kindest regards


  24. Christine Harle

    Well said, Harry!


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