Why do we fight against Taiji?

Each morning the fishermen of Taiji go out in their boats in search of pods of dolphins to drive into the Cove. From these pods a few dolphins are chosen for a life in captivity, a life with no freedom. Very few are released and the rest are slaughtered.

Some people aren’t aware of why we fight for the dolphins of Taiji. Here are some reminders and reasons why everyone should be aware.

The fishermen of Taiji are taking dolphins from their natural environment and they are making a living out of the freedom of the dolphins. If they are chosen by the dolphin trainers the dolphins are sentenced to a life in captivity.  The dolphins in Taiji sell for a huge amount of money, up to $150,000. These fishermen are only worried about how much money they can make, they do not care about the welfare of the dolphins.

Dolphins have the right to live freely and that right has been broken by the Taiji fishermen, marine park owners who buy these dolphins and the public, who pay money to watch them do tricks.

Some people think that Sea World and other marine parks are good but the more you dig down into Sea World’s history, the more you find out what they are really up to.  One of the things the trainers in in these parks do, is forcing their dolphins and whales to do tricks by depriving them of their food. This means that the dolphins have no choice but to obey them. This a really cruel process that happens daily.

It is not all the fishermen’s fault. The public isn’t helping because they are supporting the capture of dolphins by spending money visiting marine parks. They are encouraging the managers of these parks to continue to keep and buy dolphins.

You can help by NOT buying a ticket to a dolphin show or marine park. Don’t support captivity. Please think about how your actions impact on the dolphins of Taiji, and the dolphins held prisoner in parks all around the world. We can make a difference!



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