Are these fact or fiction?

A little while ago someone told me why they thought places like Sea World were good for dolphins and whales. I was very surprised by the comments and wrote about some of the myths she thought were facts. Here are a few more things she said. 

Myth # 4

The dolphins in captivity must be happy because they look happy.

Dolphins only look like they are smiling because this is the way their mouths are shaped and they can’t change their expression. When you see a dolphin in captivity it may look like they are happy but this is probably not the case. In the movie The Cove Ric O’Barry says that it is a great deception and it is only an illusion that they are happy. Did you know that many dolphins in captivity are given drugs to help with ulcers? Ulcers occur because the dolphins are depressed and stressed!

 Myth # 5

Tanks are safe for dolphins.

Not only are they too small for dolphins but they can’t use their natural abilities for example echolocation. Did you know dolphins use echolocation to explore their environment? There is no chance for them to do this in a concrete tank! Also, the tanks are full of chemicals. The water is not ocean water, that means it is unnatural, and many of the marine life suffer skin conditions because of this. What does this mean for the dolphins? That’s right, MORE drugs!

 Myth #  6

Dolphins have so much to do in marine parks.

Dolphins are only used for a few shows a day. The rest of their time is spent swimming in circles or floating at the surface and have little interaction. I would be so bored if I had to sit in a bathtub all day with nothing to do!

 So you can see this for yourself, here are two videos

 1. Do these dolphins look happy to you??  (Youtube video by Bob Timmons)

2. Shouldn’t this be what their lives should be like? (Youtube video by juliemach5)

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