Do you really think that’s true?

It is very sad that some people still don’t know the facts about captivity and how the animals and dolphins are affected. Here are some facts to educate them!

Myth #1

Seaworld and other marine parks spend a lot of money making their exhibits like dolphin’s natural habitats.

What do you think?

    This                                         or                                                                         this?

 dolphin-show                                            a-dolphin-family-swimming-next-to-us-on-the-way-back-to-La-Paz

Did you know that dolphins can travel over  40 miles everyday when in the ocean? How many times around a tank do you think that is?

They can also dive up to 300 metres for 20mins. (This depends on the species.)  Let’s look at Sea World Gold Coast. Their “Dolphin Cove” where shows take place is 8 meters deep. This is 292 meters short of what they are known to dive in their natural habitat. It doesn’t seem to me that marine parks make their exhibits like natural habitats.


Myth #2

Dolphins and whales are well fed, better than in the wild.

What do you think?

This                                                         or                                                                         this?

Bucket                                                     dolphins6_647890a

A bucket full of dead fish that is pumped with medicine to stop them getting sick or abundance of fresh, live fish?

Did you know that dolphin and whale trainers use food as a training tool? If a trick is not performed they are not fed. This food deprivation is cruel. And a former trainer has spoken about dolphins being punished for not performing right. They are isolated which is like torture for them.

Myth #3

Dolphins are safer in captivity.

The biggest threat to dolphin is MAN!! That’s right, we are! The website “A Dolphin Place” says that more than 100,000 dolphins are killed each year by MAN. The next predator is shark and then other dolphin (eg. orca).

Humans catch dolphins in a violent and cruel way. Dolphins are separated from their families, snatched from their pods and sold to sea parks around the world. Look at Taiji Japan – Dolphins are hunted into The Cove, the “best” ones are violently pulled from their families and those not chosen are slaughtered.  Those sold to sea and marine parks spend the rest of their lives performing silly tricks and swimming in circles. We ARE their biggest predator. 

PressRoom_bloody cove


This is a photo of the fisherman in Taiji Japan. The water is red because it is the blood of the dolphins they have just slaughtered.

Next time I will look at some more myths that I hear people say.

Thank you to these website for the information or photos.


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