Japan Dolphin Day 2013

Today is Japan Dolphin Day which means that the season for dolphin hunting has started.

This morning my mum and I watched the live stream from The Cove in Taiji. It was very sad to see approximately 60 dolphins driven into the cove. We think they were bottlenose dolphins. Tomorrow they will be slaughtered or taken from their home into a lifetime of captivity. They won’t be able to swim free in the ocean for miles everyday. They will be swimming in circles in small fish tanks.

This year there were Japanese protesters which Ric O’Barry said was the first time ever. Hopefully they can get more Japanese people involved and aware of this problem. Some of these protesters swam into the water which was very brave as they could have been arrested. One Japanese man got out of the water crying because he could hear the dolphin’s cries when he put his head under the water. It was a very sad moment.

Today I am starting my fundraising and ALL the money I raise will be given to Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

On 12th December 2013 I am going to dye my hair blue! I chose blue to represent the dolphins and the ocean.

So, if you want to see me with BLUE hair please donate on my fundraising page


Please donate whatever you can, I am grateful for anything you can give!



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  1. What a fantastic thing to do Harry its very mature and thoughtful, way to go! Ive shared all this information and I will donate a bit when I get paid next week! I wish you all the luck in the world Harry xoxo


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