It’s almost time for the Taiji drive… 2013 -2014 Season

In September the Taiji Dolphin Drive will start again.

The fishermen drive dolphins in to a cove, using loud sounds which scare the dolphins. Some dolphins are sold and sentenced to a life in captivity. And many are killed in an inhumane way.

Here is a graph showing statistics from the Taiji Dolphin Drive last season. The information was found here   The figures given before 2010 are official from the Fisheries Agency, the rest are based on witness accounts.


(Sorry, had to take a photo of my graph because I could work out how to insert it!)

The percentages are Released 22.9%, Aquarium 16.6% & Kill 60.5%

During this time (and according to the records) a total of 1486 dolphins were driven into the Taiji cove. Out of this number 899 were killed. Why?

My only answer for this is because they were not chosen by trainers for entertainment in sea parks. No dolphins should be in captivity but why can’t they just let the rest go free? Why kill them?

Dolphin meat should not be eaten due to the high mercury found in the meat. It is toxic and very dangerous. This cannot be the reason for killing innocent dolphins.

When I saw the movie The Cove I was very sad and felt bad for all the dolphins who suffered. We need to stop Taiji fishermen and stop the government from letting this happen.

Please tell everyone about The Cove.

Sign petitions and send letters

And most importantly DON’T BUY A TICKET! Don’t support Sea World and other marine parks!



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6 responses to “It’s almost time for the Taiji drive… 2013 -2014 Season

  1. Fantastic article! I just saw The Cove a year or so ago, and I just couldn’t believe my eyes! I cried throughout the entire movie, it was horrible I had NO idea that was happening. I will gladly share and tweet your article and the petitions too thanks


    • bludolfins

      Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment. The Cove was very sad and made me want to help to do something about it. Everyone should see this movie! Thank you again. Harry.


      • Harry, I love your blog, so its very easy for me to read it and its a pleasure! Ive also shared our blog too! The Cove was a very sad movie, and its also how I found out about whats happening with the dolphins in Taiji its horrible! I agree with you Harry, everyone should see The Cove. Your doing a great job of letting people know about whats happening with dolphins, and letting people know about the movie The Cove, youre really something special Harry, keep up the fantastic work, you are ,making a difference!! Im looking forward to your next blog entry!


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