My thoughts on Sea World

In the holidays we went to visit Sea Wold on the Gold Coast to see for ourselves what Sea World is like, the facilities and the conditions of the animals.

The marine life we saw were dolphins, polar bears, sea lions, seals, sharks and stingrays. I felt very upset because they are all in captivity and should be free in their natural habitat. 

I think it’s sad that the dolphins are trained to do tricks and only rewarded when they get it right. They are also fed dead fish and have no opportunity to use the skills they were born with. It is great to see wild dolphins in the ocean playfully jumping alongside your boat. It is terrible to see them being forced to perform circus tricks for crowds of misinformed people.

In the show the presenter asked “Imagine a world completely free of threat for all marine animals? Now that is something worth working hard for.” By capturing dolphins (and other marine life) they are removing them from their families, their natural habitat and doing the complete opposite to what they claim they are doing. Sea World, and those who work to capture marine life, ARE the threat!  

At Sea World I did like the roller coasters and rides. They don’t need to imprison animals to have a good fun park. I would go to Sea World for the rides and education exhibits (without live displays) but I don’t need or want to see animals in fish tanks. 

Sea World is doing something good by teaching people about rubbish in the dolphins ecosystem and how it affects sea life. But Sea World is doing something bad and that is keeping these animals from freedom.

It seems like Sea World is only keeping  animals to get money and it’s our fault. People don’t know, or don’t want to know, the truth ‘behind the dolphin smile’. The public needs to be educated and made aware of the impact of keeping these theme parks open. 

I don’t want to buy a ticket and our family have taken the pledge. We won’t by buying a ticket and will do what we can to stop the exploitation of the beautiful creatures held captive in theme parks and shows around the world. 



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2 responses to “My thoughts on Sea World

  1. This is a fantastic article! Im so impressed with your views on SeaWorld and animals in captivity, im happy to share your blog!
    Youre doing a great job of educating others on SeaWorld and animals in captivity, you give me so much hope for the future!
    Keep up the fantastic work you ARE making a difference, and changing minds everyday!


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