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Last week, Australia for Dolphins asked me to write a guest blog for their website. If you are in Australia some of you might be aware of the ABC television show Blue Zoo. This program is filmed at the terrible Dolphin Marine Magic in NSW and appears to support captivity rather than ‘teach conservation’. These parks and shows always use the same line ‘we are teaching people about conservation’ but sadly this just isn’t true.


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A letter to The Today Show Australia

To the producers of The Today Show Australia,

I was upset and disappointed to hear that you are going to be filming at SeaWorld this week. By filming at Sea World you are encouraging people to go there and promoting an unnatural life in captivity for all the animals.

Are you aware that SeaWorld deprives their animals of food as a way of training them to do tricks? Did you know that dolphins in their natural habitat don’t jump through hoops, spin hoops or do other silly tricks?

Did you know that they are only given frozen fish? Dolphins don’t get the chance to eat fresh food. It’s been reported that drugs are put into the frozen fish to stop them getting sick. Dolphins get very sick living outside their natural habitat.

Did you know that the Dolphin Cove at SeaWorld is only 8 meters deep? In the wild dolphins are free to dive, play and hunt as deep as they want. The deepest dive recorded for a Bottlenose dolphin is 300 meters!

By promoting Sea World you are encouraging people to pay to visit dolphins in captivity. You are also encouraging the actions of the fishermen in Taiji Japan. At this time of year the fishermen of Taiji are driving dolphins into The Cove. Sea park trainers come to buy dolphins for up to $150,000. These dolphins are taken away from their families to spend the rest of their life in captivity. The dolphins not chosen are then slaughtered. Their meat is mislabeled as whale meat and it has high and dangerous levels of mercury.

Now, more people are aware of this situation and don’t agree with captivity. The real story is in the increase of this awareness. It is more important for people to be aware of the problems with captivity and the cruelty on the animals. This way we can stop the capture, buying, slaughter and imprisonment of these animals.

Dolphins have the right to be free. Humans have NO right to take away their freedom. Yes we all love dolphins. Sea World claims to love dolphins but the dolphins at Sea World are far from free and are not living like they do in the wild. We don’t need to see them in captivity to love them.

Please think about the dolphins and what is really happening.

And remember….




Harry Morgan (Since dolphins can’t talk)



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Sign the Petition – Stop Captivity now!

For all the dolphins and whales in captivity and dying in Taiji, please take the pledge NOT to buy a ticket to a dolphin show. 

 Please sign the petition to tell Dr.Gerald Dick: Executive Director WAZA that we don’t want to see dolphins and whales in captivity.

Click the link below to sign the petition….

My message to Dr. Gerald Dick….

I am 10 years old. I think it is a crime to take away an animals freedom and hold them prisoner for entertainment. My family and I will never buy a ticket to any marine land, zoo or any place that exploits animals. I will keep fighting and telling everyone about this issue. Young people know what is right and wrong. It’s time adults listen to us! We say NO to captivity!

If you say NO to captivity please sign the petition and don’t buy a ticket. We can save our animals and oceans by working together!

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Why do we fight against Taiji?

Each morning the fishermen of Taiji go out in their boats in search of pods of dolphins to drive into the Cove. From these pods a few dolphins are chosen for a life in captivity, a life with no freedom. Very few are released and the rest are slaughtered.

Some people aren’t aware of why we fight for the dolphins of Taiji. Here are some reminders and reasons why everyone should be aware.

The fishermen of Taiji are taking dolphins from their natural environment and they are making a living out of the freedom of the dolphins. If they are chosen by the dolphin trainers the dolphins are sentenced to a life in captivity.  The dolphins in Taiji sell for a huge amount of money, up to $150,000. These fishermen are only worried about how much money they can make, they do not care about the welfare of the dolphins.

Dolphins have the right to live freely and that right has been broken by the Taiji fishermen, marine park owners who buy these dolphins and the public, who pay money to watch them do tricks.

Some people think that Sea World and other marine parks are good but the more you dig down into Sea World’s history, the more you find out what they are really up to.  One of the things the trainers in in these parks do, is forcing their dolphins and whales to do tricks by depriving them of their food. This means that the dolphins have no choice but to obey them. This a really cruel process that happens daily.

It is not all the fishermen’s fault. The public isn’t helping because they are supporting the capture of dolphins by spending money visiting marine parks. They are encouraging the managers of these parks to continue to keep and buy dolphins.

You can help by NOT buying a ticket to a dolphin show or marine park. Don’t support captivity. Please think about how your actions impact on the dolphins of Taiji, and the dolphins held prisoner in parks all around the world. We can make a difference!


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I have BLUE hair!

On the 12th December I dyed my hair to raise money for The Dolphin Project. So far I have raised $700. I am so excited. I didn’t think I could raise that much money! Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far!

I am going to leave my fundraising page open for a few more days so if you can please donate. Our oceans and dolphins need all the help we can give.

Dolphins do not belong in captivity and definitely NOT on our dinner plates! Please help us stop the slaughter of dolphins!

Here are some photos….

DSC_0976    DSC_0982   BlueHair

Today is the 14th December and it is a RED Cove. That means that innocent dolphins were slaughtered at The Cove. This is not ok! Please help it stop!

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Nearly time…

I have been very busy over the last few months raising money for a the dolphins. On the 12th December I am going to be dying my hair blue to represent the ocean and all the money I have raised is going to Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project! 

It is so great that a lot of people have been donating money. At first I only set a small goal because I thought it would only be my family that donated money. It was great to get money from all over the world!!! That means there must be a lot of people out there that care about dolphins as much as I do. 

There has been many red Cove days over the last few months. That means that many dolphins lost their lives in Taiji Japan because they weren’t chosen to become prisoners in sea parks. 

I hope the money I have raised can help The Dolphin Project stop the slaughter and capture of dolphins once and for all! 

PLEASE keep sharing my fundraising page! There is still time to donate!

Thank you 


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Are these fact or fiction?

A little while ago someone told me why they thought places like Sea World were good for dolphins and whales. I was very surprised by the comments and wrote about some of the myths she thought were facts. Here are a few more things she said. 

Myth # 4

The dolphins in captivity must be happy because they look happy.

Dolphins only look like they are smiling because this is the way their mouths are shaped and they can’t change their expression. When you see a dolphin in captivity it may look like they are happy but this is probably not the case. In the movie The Cove Ric O’Barry says that it is a great deception and it is only an illusion that they are happy. Did you know that many dolphins in captivity are given drugs to help with ulcers? Ulcers occur because the dolphins are depressed and stressed!

 Myth # 5

Tanks are safe for dolphins.

Not only are they too small for dolphins but they can’t use their natural abilities for example echolocation. Did you know dolphins use echolocation to explore their environment? There is no chance for them to do this in a concrete tank! Also, the tanks are full of chemicals. The water is not ocean water, that means it is unnatural, and many of the marine life suffer skin conditions because of this. What does this mean for the dolphins? That’s right, MORE drugs!

 Myth #  6

Dolphins have so much to do in marine parks.

Dolphins are only used for a few shows a day. The rest of their time is spent swimming in circles or floating at the surface and have little interaction. I would be so bored if I had to sit in a bathtub all day with nothing to do!

 So you can see this for yourself, here are two videos

 1. Do these dolphins look happy to you??  (Youtube video by Bob Timmons)

2. Shouldn’t this be what their lives should be like? (Youtube video by juliemach5)

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget I am still fundraising for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project so PLEASE donate if you can. ANY amount is appreciated!

Go Here

Mum got the blue dye for my hair which I will be using on 12th December for my fundraiser. If you want to see me with blue hair please donate!

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