Why should we go to protests?

As lots of you know, I have just moved from a tiny island in Australia to the UK. I am excited about this for lots of reasons. I use the internet and my blog to try and help protect the dolphins and save them from slaughter and a life in captivity. Now that I can, I hope to go to lots of protests so I won’t just be helping online.

Here are few reasons why we should go to protests.

Protests are important because

  • They educate people. We can tell people the facts about what is happening and show them that there is a big problem.

  • You meet people who think and feel the same as you do.

  • You show people that you do care about the issues and are willing to take a stand.

  • You work together with others and support each other. Together we are stronger than we are apart.

  • You are actively doing something, not waiting around for something to happen.

  • They expose what is happening and what the issues are.

  • Protests can change the world.

On the 1st of September it’s Japan Dolphins Day 2015. This is the time we stand against the dolphins being killed and captured in Taiji Japan. This year, I’m going to go to the London protest. I hope to see you there!!



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An open letter to Ellen Degeneres

Dear Ellen,

My name is Harry and I am 11 years old. I am writing to you because I was concerned to see that you are promoting and supporting The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.


The reason this worries me is because The Mirage keeps dolphins captive and this is cruel and inhumane. I thought that you were an animal lover and would be upset by this as well. I am shocked and sad that you don’t care about these dolphins.


On The Mirage website they claim their dolphin habitats are for scientific research and education. There doesn’t seem to be anything educational about what they do with dolphins. They charge people money to do activities with dolphins.


A new “experience” they offer is Painting with Dolphins. How is this for research or education? Do dolphins do this in the wild, in their natural habitat? We all know this is wrong and The Mirage are exploiting these animals to make money. Forcing a paintbrush into the mouth of a dolphin is very upsetting. It is cruel to treat animals in this inhumane way.


The Mirage also offers paying customers the opportunity to be a “Trainer for a day”. To be a trainer you have to force the dolphins to do silly tricks. The dolphins don’t perform tricks in the wild – I’ve never seen a dolphin in the wild balance a ball on their nose – this is not educational. It is also a well known fact that dolphins are deprived of food to make them do these silly circus tricks. In the wild, dolphins are free to hunt for food whenever they feel like it.


Ellen, I would like to know if you think these activities are educational or done for the purpose of research. To me, it sounds like they are doing these things to make money and just telling the public that it’s for education and research.


There are lots of documentaries, for example ‘Spy in the Pod’, Blackfish, The Cove and also lots of books that educate us about dolphins. We don’t need to see them or keep them in captivity to learn about them.


On their website The Mirage states “Guests see the dolphins in a naturalistic environment, exhibiting natural behaviors”. How is a pool in the middle of a desert a naturalistic environment and how can a dolphin painting be called a natural behavior?  


Being someone who says they are an animal lover, I would think you would see that keeping dolphins in captivity and forcing them to do tricks is wrong. You are a big celebrity and lots of people listen to what you say. By promoting The Mirage you are telling the world that you think it’s ok to keep dolphins captive.


After seeing you talk about the Cove I thought you were aware of the bigger issue. These dolphins in the Mirage may not come from the Taiji dolphin slaughter, but supporting dolphin habitats and shows contributes to the slaughter. If no one buys a ticket, there is no need to hunt and capture dolphins.


I would like to ask you Ellen to stop promoting and supporting The Mirage Hotel. There are lots of other great hotels that you can promote that don’t hurt and mistreat animals.


Thank you for reading my letter. We all love dolphins but we don’t need to see them to love. We can love them just as much when they are swimming wild and free.


From Harry Morgan

and all the dolphins held prisoner in habitats and parks all over the world.



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What’s wrong with swim with dolphin programs?

 A little over a week ago, the terrible Taiji season finished for another year. Just because the capture and slaughter has finished, doesn’t mean we stop raising awareness and fighting for dolphins. There are many dolphins suffering in captivity and we need to help them!


The World Society of the Protection of Animals says that “53% of newly captured dolphins dies in the first 3 months”. This happens because of stress, unhealthy water and the dolphins being exposed to human infection. These dolphins are dying so that we can be ‘entertained’ and ‘have an amazing dolphin experience’.


One very popular way sea parks make their money is through swim with dolphin programs. There are many reasons why a life of captivity is bad for dolphins, (see here and here for reasons), and swim with dolphin programs just add to the list!


These ‘encounters’ are often advertised as being educational, where you can ‘shake hands with a dolphin’. Dolphins held in captivity are in an unnatural environment and there is nothing natural for the dolphin (or us) about shaking hands or kissing dolphins for a photo. Education is about learning facts and truths. You can learn a lot more by reading books and researching the internet.


It might surprise some uninformed people to know that dolphins are being forced to participate in these swim programs, just like they are being forced to do silly tricks for the public. Trainers deprive the dolphins of food as a way of making them shake hands, jump, balance a ball and kiss. The dolphins have no choice – no trick means no food. The dolphins cannot escape this life, they are prisoners and slaves.


Swim with dolphin programs are very stressful for the dolphins as they are being forced to ‘swim’ in shallow water and beach themselves so that paying customers can touch them. This behaviours are not natural for the dolphins and we shouldn’t be abusing them for our entertainment.


Please don’t buy a ticket to a dolphins show. This is how we can stop the abuse of animals. If no one goes to the show, there will be no shows!

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And please remember……..


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Dolphin Project Youth Ambassador

At the end of last year I got a message from Lincoln O’Barry. Everyone knows, I am a big fan of Ric & Lincoln so this was very exciting for me. Lincoln asked if I would like to be a Dolphin Project Youth Ambassador and of course I said YES!

I am so excited and proud to be a spokesperson and honoured to be asked. 

I don’t like to see dolphins suffering or being hunted and will try really hard to get the word out about what is happening in Taiji and marine parks around the world.

I’d like other people, young and old, to join me and spread the word, to help save dolphins and raise awareness of this issue. 

Go to Dolphin Project Youth Ambassadors to meet the other Ambassadors and please spread the word. 




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Still waiting for answers….

A few weeks ago Australia For Dolphins asked me to write a guest blog article for them about Dolphin Marine Magic. I asked the CEO of Dolphin Marine Magic, Paige Sinclair,  to answer some questions about the marine park, her recent comments in a newspaper article and details on their website. I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that she has never answered me. The Advocacy Director of AFD contacted Paige Sinclair by email and asked her if she was going to answer my questions. Her reply was that she was advised by solicitors “not to answer questions for your group or groups like yours”.

What about answering questions from a 10 year old kid or from the general public?

Please watch my video below, share it and start asking questions!

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December 7, 2014 · 5:38 am

Croker Cove Club

A few weeks ago I started a Cove Club at my school. We live on Croker Island so we are called “Croker Cove Club.”
We watched the movie The Cove and my friends were very upset about what is happening in Taiji. One of my friends said “There is too much sadness and too many lies”. I think she is right. Everyone said they were shocked by what was happening. They also think dolphins should be free to live in the ocean.

It would be great if more kids started a Cove club in their school. We need to get more kids involved to speak up about Taiji and the cruelty of keeping marine life in captivity.

Please start a club if you can!




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Australia For Dolphins

Last week, Australia for Dolphins asked me to write a guest blog for their website. If you are in Australia some of you might be aware of the ABC television show Blue Zoo. This program is filmed at the terrible Dolphin Marine Magic in NSW and appears to support captivity rather than ‘teach conservation’. These parks and shows always use the same line ‘we are teaching people about conservation’ but sadly this just isn’t true.


If you would like to read my article you can visit here http://bit.ly/1uaKtgN

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